Sunday, October 22, 2006

STILL MORE Observations - Christians and a Democratic Congressional Majority

If you ASSUME that we as Christians HAVE ANY credibility with Liberal Democrats, you clearly do NOT understand them. That would be breathtaking naivete with regard to those who would steal your rights.

Scandals have happened, and WILL happen, in BOTH parties. Washington is RIFE with such. The difference is that the MSM will help HIDE Democratic scandals, but will not cease "puffing" Republican scandals.

I've made CLEAR that we ought to insist on accountability for ALL in Washington -- for Foley and any accomplices, but also for those in the opposition party. We must face it, this scandal was not "about Foley," it was about power.

Christians have a responsibility as citizens to hold those who are dishonest and abuse their power to account. But that DOES NOT mean we should naively buy into the propaganda of a hypocritical party who -- when given the chance to take a moral stand on these SAME issues against their own myriad of offenders, failed to do so repeatedly.

Don't think for one minute that if the Democrats regain Congressional power that they would pay the first bit of attention to Christians -- unless they thought they could bargain for more votes, and more power, or deceive them as a means acheiving their goals. Acting in contrition when confronted with wrongdoing requires a conscience -- something the whole of the Democratic Party lacks.

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