Sunday, October 22, 2006

MORE Observations - On the "Foley Scandal" Part 1

The apparent activities of former congressman Mark Foley are reprehensible. Lewd emails to pages or former pages (regardless of age or sex, actually) constitute and abuse of power. At least he had enough moral conviction to resign from Congress. And, Republican leaders roundly criticized and condemend foley, and began investigations to see if any other rules were broken (that's possible), if the page program needs reforming (it does), and how this information was leaked to the press at such an advantageous moment before the elections (Can you say DEMOCRATS?).

Now, of course, you don't think that's where the Dems or their siamese twins in the "MainStream Media" will let that die, do you? Oh no, not on your life. The 'do as I say not as I do' Democrats are off to the [election] races, pumping this for every possible political point they can make. Should the American people let them get away with it?

Democrats have absolutely ZERO credibility on this issue -- no matter WHAT Foley did. When they go back and try Kennedy for murder, and Clinton for high crimes and misdemeanors, then I'll listen to word ONE.

Regarding Republicans -- If they tried to play the Democrats game by overlooking such CLEARLY immoral behavior it is deplorable, and will only get DEMOCRATS elected. Their people already know most of them are degenerates.

If the Republicans lose the 2006 elections, it will be WHOLLY their fault, for this and many other reasons. You can't blame the Democrats for taking advantage of the circumstances! They don't care about decorum, or morals, or even those poor "innocent" pages -- they ONLY care about POWER.

My prediction: Dems gain 23 or 24 House seats, 5 or 6 Senate seats. This would give them a definite House majority, and in the Senate, 5 seats would be a tie, and 6 would give them total control of Congress...God help us.

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