Sunday, October 22, 2006

Observations, Part 3 - On Life, Marriage and the Constitution

I tend to be a Constitutionalist -- quite libertarian (small "l") in my view of government involvement in economics, but socially, I'm a conservative about most things.

I do not, for instance, believe that the states had a right to permit slavery when the founding documents gauranteed "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Now, a WAR was unnecessary to enforce that, but I digress.

Just the same -- and on the very same principle -- the right to LIFE is a gaurantee. Therefore, an allowance for the practice of abortion as a means of birth control or convenience is unconstitutional -- and also a violation of God's commandments.

One may be correct in this sense -- marriage OUGHT NOT TO BE an issue the government attempts to meddle in. But government -- in the form of the out of control liberal judiciary -- ALREADY HAS.

Also, the founders designed our system of government to keep separate the "church" from the "state." But they did permit one exception. The minister is not only a representative of God in the marriage ceremony, he is also -- in the USA -- an agent of the state. Thus, if the judiciary continues on its current path, they will by courthouse fiat declare that a ministers refusal to marry ANY couple in a church or elsewhere is a violation of anti-discrimination laws.

The implications just BEGIN with being stripped of tax exempt status -- how about arrest of the Pastor for violation of civil rights? Seizure of all church property? Civil Court Lawsuits? Hate crimes charges? That's just for starters.

No, although I do agree that government OUGHT NOT be involved in marriage, they already are, and the ONLY way to protect the institution is by constitutional amendment. Either that, or have the government DEMAND by law that we marry whosoever desires to be married, or face prosecution (or, perhaps persecution).

Regarding marriage, then, the issue has nothing to do with "forcing" anyone NOT to be married. To the contrary, it protects the institution and the majority who believe in it from being FORCED to accept "alternate lifestyles" AS marriage.

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