Sunday, October 22, 2006

On World War III -- AGAIN

I am one who firmly believes that we are IN WWIII -- and NK has been and IS a part of the so-called "Axis of Evil."

Consider that when NK tested their missles July 4th of this year, representatives of the IRANIAN government were present to observe. Consider that the little dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has been travelling around the world to ALL the members of the Axis of Evil -- and to many others who are not "decided" in this war -- attempting to persuade them to join the "Anti-American" effort.

The growth of neo-communist movements in recent years -- in Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, etc, plus their cooperation with "old" communist powers that NEVER actually died (China, Cuba...Russia perhaps?) AND the unequaled power and passion of Islamic Fascism have created a formidable alliance. It's not because they AGREE in their worldviews. It's because they BOTH know their most formidable enemy -- The United States.

After the Neo-Communist/Islamic Fascist alliance has toppled Europe, exterminated the Jews in Israel, and either destroyed America (or at least aided Americas "socialist/progressives" to overthrow the Republic), THEN there will be time to see who ultimately comes out on top -- the Commies or the Islamists..?

Alarmist? Perhaps...But the idea that NK has the bomb and that they are Allied with Iran, means that BOTH COULD BE nuclear powers within 12 hours -- however long it takes to fly a nuke from PyongYang to Tehran.

SOmething to consider....

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