Sunday, October 22, 2006

Observations, Part 4 - Why I am not a Libertarian

Some have asked why I'm not a Libertarian. These reasons are EXACTLY why I am NOT a Libertarian.

The Constitution - and if you want to believe Lincoln, the Declaration of Independence - BOTH declare the "inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness." Libertarians AS A PARTY will not affirm a position that gaurantees the basic right to life, even in the face of clear and overwhelming scientific evidence of "life" as we understand it beginning at conception or at least shortly thereafter.

Am I saying the Republicans have delivered on restoring that right to the unborn? Hardly. But they have managed to pass a ban of "Partial Birth Abortion," and they have done reasonably well in placing qualified Constitutionalists ("Originalists") on the Federal Courts. Libertarians WILL NOT do the same.

I am not affiliated with ANY party. BOTH of the major parties are too liberal and interested in power rather than issues. The Libertarians are more interested in promoting libertinism (by-and-large) than in protecting the Constitution and the principles which it emphasizes.

But of all the parties, the Republicans best represent and deliver on the promises they make -- and therefore give a slight hope that progress can be made. That being said, I'd vote for ANY candidate that I thought had "right ideas" and stayed true to the Constitution and the traditions that form the basis of the American Republic.

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