Sunday, October 22, 2006

MORE Observations -- On the Foley Scandal and 'Nobility' in DC

Nobility?? (The very use of the word in the same sentence with Washington DC constitutes a joke). We are talking about Washington DC... Since when was "nobility" a consideration with the majority of this crowd?

Foley has resigned, he should be prosecuted IF what he did consitutes a violation of the law. I'm not sure that has been established yet.

We KNOW that Barney Frank's gay lover had an underage GAY sex ring running out of his basis a few years ago. We know the former occupant of the White House benefitted in a number of ways from his interaction with at least one 18-20 year old page, then committed perjury (that qualifies as 'high crimes and misdemeanors') to hide it. We know that ... You know what? Do we NEED more examples?!?

Democrats -- SHUT UP. Republicans -- if you knew and didn't tell, RESIGN. Will either happen? NO.

See predictions above...Dems 23+ in the House, 5+ in the Senate.

Anyone know Arabic? We might need to brush up if we are to mount an opposition movement.

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