Friday, June 07, 2013

On Federal Encroachment & Patriot Response

The Federal Government continues to encroach upon every right, cross every line, engaged in "a long train of abuses and usurpations," and STILL they will not stop, they will not hearken, they will not bow, they will not understand that they are but servants, and We the People are their masters. Should they continue along this path, they will march as surely onto the town greens of Lexington and Concord as did the troops of the British Crown in 1775, and then condemn those who withstood them as "rebels," "terrorists," "extremists," and "radicals."

Tyranny then, just as now, must be resisted. Failure to stand at present condemns our posterity to life on their knees, as slaves in a dark, hopeless future. The preservation of no government nor "Union" is ever worth the surrender of our essential God-given liberties. A final line of demarcation must be drawn. A last declaration of essential rights must be lifted as a banner. A terminal defense for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic must be issued.

That day is upon us. We will shrink from the task and become slaves , forgotten to history like a thousand other tribes, nations and peoples -- or we will fight, we will be revived, and we will push back against the despots that would place their shackles on wrists, our ankles, and on our minds, and make us their serfs, mere subjects.

We dare not wait longer in our determination to push back, to reverse the darkness descending upon our nation. Whatever may come upon us, it will not be as terrible as what awaits us if we do nothing now. Wait no more....