Sunday, October 22, 2006

MORE Observations - The Foley Scandal -- NO, I'm not Defending Him! Part 3

And NO, I'm NOT DEFENDING Foley! My earlier posts have clearly condemned his actions -- and those who may have known but said nothing. But ALSO for those who are BEYOND hypocrites in condemning Foley, but EXCUSING those on their side of the aisle for actions just as bad or worse.

Another case in point -- 1983, Congressman Gerry Studs, D-Mass (I know, who'd a thunk it, right?) was "censured" for ACTUALLY having SEX with a 17 yr old MALE House page!!!!!! After he was "censured," the House Democrats gave him a standing ovation as he made a speech accepting the censure, but NEVER apologizing. Not just ONE standing ovation, but THREE.

So far, Foley might have sent dirty emails and IM's, but there's no evidence that he ever physically acted on those disgusting thoughts. And furthermore, we now know that he NEVER contacted the pages with lewd IM's or emails WHILE they were in Washington, OR before they were of AGE. The IM's in question were sent to pages 18 and 21 years of age. Disgusting - YES, a crime...?

Sure, PUNISH Foley and any "accomplices" he might have had -- but DON'T give the Democrats any "high ground," that would be FAR worse than anything Foley did.

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