Saturday, November 18, 2006

In Denial: How are the Islamofascists Worse than the Nazis?

I recently made the statement that the Islamofascists we face in this present World War are even more dangerous than the Nazis of WW II. Someone asked me, "HOW are they more dangerous than the Nazi's? This was my answer:

Are you joking?

In 1940, there were not even 100 million Germans in Europe. Today, there are 1.2 BILLION Muslims spread throughout the world -- a ready made horde to descend upon the "infidels."

In 1945, ONLY the United States had the A-Bomb; Today, about 20 nations have the H-Bomb -- including Pakistan, which is ALWAYS perilously close to a Coup by Islamofascists. Additionally, the Communist allies of the Islamofascists -- North Korea -- have the bomb, and NEED desparately the $$ that Iran and other Islamic nations AND Islamofascist terrorist groups HAVE to spend. Add to that the fact that Iran itself is within 3 months to 3 years of developing their own bomb, and you have a recipe for Armageddon.

In 1938, when WW II started, Germany had almost NO domestic oil supply; Today, MOST Mulsim countries have MORE than enough oil and refining capacity to fuel their war machine, while the West DEPENDS on them for most of our oil, and we haven't built a new refinery in 3 DECADES, nor opened a new oil field to mass production in well over 20 years.

In 1941, our enemies were oceans away, making invasion unlikely, despite the attack on Pearl Harbor; Today, with the advent of modern aviation and shipping, and with the uncooperative nations on our borders AND the incompetence and unwillingness of our government to enforce border security, our nation is overrun by "illegal aliens" who are NOT just Hispanics, and who can bring ALMOST anything over the borders or into our ports -- even in pieces -- reassemble it, and use it against us. The WMD's would come first -- the invasion, a little later.

HOW are they more dangerous than the Nazi's? Hope that definitively answers the question.

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