Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Observations in the Wake of the Elections, Part 4

According to a Washington Times article today, Conservatives gave Webb the victory for the Senate seat in Virginia last week. I have a different view, and a few comments in regard to this notion...

No, Conservatives didn't defeat Allen. Those who may claim on being "Conservative" fall into one of several possible categories.

First, there are those who stayed home on election day -- to "teach Republicans a lesson." They will be the ones who are taught a lesson over the next two years. At best, only unthinking, kneejerk "conservatives" took this path.

Second, there are those who voted FOR THE DEMOCRATS because Webb "claimed to be conservative." These people bought into the lie that this new crop of Dems are somehow "different" from the old school Pelosi's, Levin's, Kennedy's, Kerry's, etc... Face it, stooges, THEY LIED. And if the Webb's of the Democratic party DIDN'T lie, then they have already been marched before Pelosi and been TOLD to put their testosterone -- and any organ that excretes or produces such) in her little lock box. They can only have it back WHEN she says and for WHAT she deems it necessary.

Third, these so-called "conservatives" have been riding a bandwagon since 1994, or perhaps as far back as the Reagan era. This time, they jumped off. They were faux conservatives, Pseudo-conservatives -- nothing more.

Once again, however, it's not the stupid Republicans that will pay the price for their return for power -- it's the REAL conservatives who will be left holding the [EMPTY] bag.

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