Monday, November 06, 2006

The Danforth Division -- Liberal Republicans and the Retreat from Leadership

I recently read a news article in a major Newspaper regarding former Senator John Danforths new book. Here's a portion of the article:.

"While promoting his new book, "Faith and Politics, How the 'Moral Values' Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together," Sen. Danforth urged his Republican Party to "disengage" from Christian voters – who have enabled it to win the last three national elections – saying religion has become too divisive a force in American politics.

Danforth, 70, an Episcopal priest, said politics today is too polarized and that the GOP spends too much time trying to appeal to the Christian right – which, in reality, is the party's base. "I think it is bad for the country and ultimately the Republican Party," Danforth declared."

You must understand that Danforth is an "old school" (read: RICH LIBERAL) Republican. He was in Congress for a couple of carefree decades, for those of his ilk. Republicans were a small minority, they had no REAL leadership responsibility, they were able to enjoy the high life, the lobbyist perks, the favor of the Ted Kennedys, Jim Wright's and Tip O'Neill's so long as they minded thier place...

All Danforth wants is those good ole days back. He doesn't want his party, his former colleagues, to have to deal with such serious issues as life and death (abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research funding, cloning, etc), moral questions (homosexual marriage) or survival (the Global War against Islamofascism). It's easier to let the Democrats do that.

Unfortunately, though MOST won't say it, I'm afraid there are too many "Republicans" STILL in office who actually agree with Danforth. Chafee anyone? Spectre? Hmmm...?

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