Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Observations in the Wake of the Elections - Part 1

I'm beginning to put together some coherent and thought out ideas in my mind of what is to come in light of the November 7 Elections...

To those who doubted me -- I told you so. I'm not gloating about being right though. Even though I KNEW what the outcome would be, I am saddened and disappointed. Not at all shocked or surprised...

THe AMerican people have virtually gauranteed the military loss of Iraq, which will set in motion devastating results. I don't CARE what happens to the idiots who voted to make this possible, but to my family and friends who had the intelligence and insight to understand what the future holds if short-sighted decisions are made. Most of all, though, I feel terribly bad for our troops. Guys and gals, we DO care, and I do support you. No one will abandon you, nor mock you when you come home. Not if I live and breath and am able to stand with you. And what you're doing won't be forgotten, or by God's grace wasted!

Now, for my perspective of what happens in Iraq as a result of November 7th:

With Rummy gone, and President Bush apparently more than willing to kiss up to the Dems, I think the troops have every right to feel demoralized.

I'd say that by mid-summer 2007, the Dems in Congress will begin defunding and forcing the withdrawal of our forces from Iraq -- whether Iraq is ready or not. It would perfectly follow the template of their actions in Southeast Asia. IN 1973, Nixon pulled our troops out of Vietnam -- an "honorable peace" -- with an established SV government, and a "promise" from the Communist NV's not to invade. Just in case, Nixon made a non-aggression pact with the SV's, so that in case the Communists DID invade, we would re-engage and help SV.

Then came Watergate, impeachment, and Nixon's resignation. Ford, an unelected lame duck was powerless when the NV's invaded SV in 1975. He practically BEGGED the Democratic Congress to allow our troops some kind of intervention to help our allies, whom we had PROMISED to support. The Democrats said, "no," defunded all US military operations in SOutheast Asia, and we abandoned our allies -- the South Vietnamese.

Then the NVA invaded Laos, using biological and chemical warfare -- hundreds of thousands were killed. Then the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia -- MILLIONS were killed...

Expect Democrats -- DESPITE their "promises" -- to shoot for impeachment within the year, and to follow suit on defunding Iraq operation and handing over the Iraqi nation to Iran's Ayatollahs sometime shortly thereafter.

Then of course, just like Carter was elected in '76 because the American people didn't care, Hillary will be elected in '08 -- because the American People WON'T care.

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