Monday, December 11, 2006

Why Obama Won't Run (to Win) in '08

Barack Obama won't run for President in '08. Or, if he does, it will be a "show candidacy." Here's what I mean...

Hillary IS running. She's made that REAL clear. Since Bill's tenure as "El Presidente" of the Junta from '92 - '00, They have run pretty much every aspect of the Democratic Party -- or have kept their opponents cowed in fear.

Enter Obama. A young, upstart, BLACK guy....With a NAME that SOUNDS like a Muslim (This would be Clinton's reasoning...) Hillary -- nor Bill -- would DARE let someone such as him move in on the throne to which Hillary is the heir. You'll notice that Hillary and Obama have had several meetings and appeared at several of the same fundraisers in recent weeks. See beyond the headlines and discern the patterns, the design...

Hillary WILL be the nominee for the Democrats. IF Obama is still the "Flava of the month" among Democrats at that time, he will be her running mate. She may have already told him that. Note -- NOT ASKED HIM, TOLD HIM. SHould she fail to get the nomination (and she won't), or fail to be elected as Queen (er,, El Presidente), then she will pledge her support to him in 2012.

2008 is Hillary's year -- her LAST chance. NO ONE will get in her way, including Obama. Anyone who does is quite likely to be "FORT MARCY PARKED."

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