Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thank God for Donald Trump!

I have never said this before, but thank God for Donald Trump! Now, I'm not generally a big fan -- I think he's usually an egotistical, self-interested, conceited, pompous. etc.... You get the idea. But I totally respect him for coming back at Rosie O'Donnell. SOMEBODY needs to put her in her place.

A few weeks ago, she compared "extremist" or "fundamentalist" Christians to militant Muslims. That is demonstrable hogwash. She deserved it then. But we Christians are too nice to come back at her like she deserves. In other words, too often we would rather practice Matthew 5:39 than I Peter 3:15-17 -- and we usually misapply both.

Donald Trump spoke the complete, utter, total, truth about Rosie. Too many people have let her get away with her outrageous, irresponsible words, acts and lifestyle. Because she is a lesbian, a celebrity and a "comedienne," she thinks we must excuse everything she says, every lie she tells, every slur she utters.

Can't ANYONE confront her in her corruption and sin and tell her the truth to her face?!? Donald may have the wrong motivation (pride), but he did the RIGHT thing. Would to God that we had believers who were so inclined and motivated by RIGHTEOUSNESS.


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