Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To Canada, With Love -- If you Want New England...

Recently, an editorial columnist in the Toronto Star suggested that the Northern States -- the "Blue States," if you will -- have become disenchanted with the "U. S. South, and that it was plausible to forsee their political separation from the more conservative regions of America, and their eventual political "marriage" to Canada. Well, this is not a new issue -- nor a new idea. And things rarely work out as simply as they do in 10 or 12 column inches of an opinion piece. Consider, however, some of the background and past approaches to this subject....

The "disenchantment" of other (particularly northeastern) states with the South is not a new occurrence. As early as the 1820's, New England openly discussed secession from the Union -- to rid itself of the backward, low-brow sodbusters in the southern states.

In the 1860's, the South decided they'd had enough of Northern "do-goodisms," and they saved some Yankees the trouble of seceding -- the South went ahead and DID IT. (Yes, yes, I know -- The South lost the War, Slavery was a big issue, the Southern Cause in itself was not a perfect vehicle to preserve the Constitution and Liberty, etc. etc...) The point is, when the North was confronted with actually losing the South, they spared NO expense to keep them in line, and under the boothill, of a central government in Washington.

Why? Several reasons. Then, the agricultural base of the nation was the South. The Raw materials were in the South. the Industrial complex in the North NEEDED those raw materials to feed their economic machine. They also needed the vast and growing tax base in the South to fund the centralization and deconstitutionalization of the nation. So, they simply took it. (Exploitation is one of the key policies of that region...)

Fast forward to today, and the South in the last generation or so has reasserted itself in the political life of the nation. The South is far more religious, far less "tolerant" of, oh, lawbreakers, deviants, enemies of the state, terrorists, etc. They no longer put up with as much of the political free-for-all that has been foisted upon the nation in the last 150 years -- particularly since the 1960's.

So, the "Yankee Do-gooders" are desparately searching for another stooge -- more raw materials to exploit, more social causes to champion, more special interests to fund. What place would be more amenable to their philosophy than Canada?

I for one would GLADLY approve of any succession of the Northern states from the USA. They may go independent, they may hook up with Canada -- for all I care they could be honest and align with the ChiComs or Russia -- or even Iran. Some of them have more in common with the Radical Islamists than they do with their countrymen in the South.

In any case, this kind of idea is one some of us in the South have favored for over a century-and-a-half. If it catches on in the North, more power to 'em! Here's your hat, what's your hurry?? A word of warning to the poor, unsuspecting Canadians though -- should the day ever come that you actually wed yourself to your lovely New England bride, don't expect the honeymoon to last long -- and expect to pay far more to keep her than you ever imagined.

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