Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Socialism....

Socialism taxes the productivity of achievers, and funds the idleness of the slothful.

Socialism robs from the entrepreneur, and rewards those who feel "entitled."

Socialism plays the business owner against his laborers -- not for the workers good, but to increase governments power.

Socialism substitutes mandatory government redistribution for heartfelt and Godly charity.

Socialism is antithetical to both Scripture, and to the Constitution -- it replaces the heart of a cheerful giver with the imposition of Government confiscation, and it is centered around a government of men rather than the goodness of God.

Socialism is a form of idolatry, implementing the biases of certain classes of men, against other classes of men -- with the criteria of thier judgments based on wealth and economic condition, rather than on righteousness and faith.

Socialism robs the poor man of incentive and initiative, and it robs the rich man of opportunities to create more wealth -- for himself and those who work for him.

Socialism has never worked anywhere it's been tried; Capitalism -- when tempered by the principles and prayers of the Godly -- has never failed anywhere it's been tried.

Choose wisely, as this choice may be your last.

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