Friday, October 24, 2008

If Obama Should Win….

Best Case Scenario: Obama doesn't get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, so his grand plan is muted from the beginning. He fails to get the "Fairness Doctrine" reinstituted and is not permitted to regulate (and/or tax) the internet, thus, Freedom of Speech survives, and opposition to socialized medicine, welfare state entitlements and abject military retreat rise steadily. He also fails to replace wholesale the judiciary, and though he names 2 SCOTUS justices, cannot replace every Federal judge with his hand-picked Liberal judicial activists. In two years, the Republicans regain 5 Senate and 28 House seats, and Obama's approval rating falls to 13%. The US is fortunate that there are no terrorist attacks during Obama’s term. The next 2 years Obama is unable to accomplish anything of significance, and in 2012, the Conservative Republican ticket of Palin/Jindal are elected by a landslide, and the Republicans regain Senate control 51-49, and regain the house by 5 seats.

Worst Case Scenario: Obama is elected by a landslide, and the Senate secures a filibuster-proof majority, 60-40. The House shifts more than 30 seats to Democrats, giving them an unstoppable machine to implement their agenda.
They pass the Fairness Doctrine, and in short order, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are a thing of the past.
They regulate and tax the internet, and "hate speech" legislation allows the FCC to "monitor" certain websites and fine (or perhaps prosecute) those who post objectionable materials online (goodbye FreeRepublic, NewsMax, WorldNetDaily).
Handgun and other weapons bans are passed by Congress, signed by the President and permitted by the courts, as are new "user fees" and taxes, driving up the price of weapons so that Americans generally cannot afford them, or are not allowed to possess them. Even then, much of the ammunition is deemed illegal or is too expensive to buy (though the Black Market flourishes).
Due to the exorbitant spending and careless handling, the already weak and stressed economy finally collapses, and the Fed prints dollars unendingly leading to hyper-inflation, high unemployment, and another spike in foreclosures and bankruptcies.
With OPEC boycotting oil and Iran sealing the Persian Gulf, due to Israel's attack on their nuclear facilities, and Obama's unwillingness to deploy military force against them, oil prices go out of sight, and gas, at $7 a gallon is too expensive to buy.
These several crises create supply shortages of food and gas, which leads to civil unrest, riots and looting in a number of cities in the US. Finally, President Obama activates the National Guard in Washington and other major cities. In Washington, a protest of hundreds of thousands against the government leads to riots, and conflict between National Guardsmen and Police, and the many angry protestors. Some die, many are arrested, and several blocks of DC are burnt down.
A month before the first midterm election (2010) for Barack Obama, Los Angeles, California is the site of the first major terrorist attack since 9/11. Al Qaeda terrorists based in Phoenix, Arizona and Dearborn, Michigan, manages to construct a "dirty bomb" and detonate it in the heart of LA. Thousands die as a result of the radiation, and tens of thousands more are seriously sickened. Several square miles of downtown Los Angeles are deemed uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. As a result of the panic and unrest, President Obama declares martial law; "temporarily" suspends the Constitution and "delays" the elections, nationalizes most state law enforcement agencies, and puts in place strict curfews and regulations. Those found armed on the street after curfew are shot on sight, or imprisoned without trial. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America....

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