Friday, October 10, 2008

Hope, Change, Believe....The Troubling Trend of the Popular Messiah

I remember, some 15 years ago, the first time I heard Bill Clinton lie. I mean, he'd certainly lied during his first campaign for the President -- but I sadly expect that from all politicians. But the first time he lied AS President came just a couple of weeks after his inauguration.

Clinton bit his lower lip, claimed he'd "never worked harder on anything in his life," but that instead of the tax cut he'd promised during the campaign, he'd have to increase taxes. I was incredulous. I laughed in disbelief. But the response of most Americans was to adore Clinton, to swoon over his "honesty," to give him the benefit of the doubt.

For the next eight years, I listened as Bill Clinton lied. He lied about tax cuts, he lied about universal healthcare coverage, lied about Whitewater, lied about sex with a young White House intern, lied on the witness stand in a sworn deposition (that's called perjury -- it's a High Crime and/or misdemeanor), and encouraged the intern to lie under oath as well (that's subborning perjury -- also a High Crime)... All this, and the majority of the American people supported him. After he was impeached, they RALLIED to him.

The Senate was unable to do their Constitutional duty and convict him, and Bill Clinton remained in the White House, despite his guilt, an illegitimate, impeached criminal -- more popular than the day he was first elected. Even when the majority of the American people saw that Bill Clinton was lying, STILL they believed him, or at least went along with him.

So, it does not surprise me that now, not a decade later, many Americans are treating Barack Obama as the new Messiah. Considering all the novelties of an Obama candidacy: his race, his marxist ideology, his association with radicals and terrorists, his ability to speak dynamically without actually saying anything, and his charisma, he is a natural for the role of the Socialist wonderboy.

Consider, if you will, some of the praises heaped upon the "anointed one." Loius Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has actually identified Barrack Obama as "The Messiah":

And, even these school children have gotten in on the Obama coronation, singing of the glories of change and hope, and "yes we can!":

There are even militant youth corps and drill teams paying homage to His Holiness Obama:

Obama, for his part, isn't helping any with the "rhetoric, when he suggests a "Civilian National Security Force" that is stronger than the standing military: I wonder if it occurred to Barack before he called for a formation of this "Civilian National Security Force" how similar this force would be to the brownshirt of Adolf Hitler's imfamous "Waffen SS?"

Now, being somewhat a student of history, when I saw these clips, the first thoughts that came to mind were of the Maoist parties in Communist China. Young people wear their oilve uniforms with that little red star, and they read Mao's words in their little red books... The drill team is reminiscent of the Hitler youth of 1930's Germany, who sang, chanted and marched of the greatness of Adolf Hitler, vowing to build a greater Germany for the Nazi's master race. And the quasi-Islamic Farrakhan's declaration of Obama as Messiah -- well, it speaks for itself.

I won't belabor the point. These images are disturbing. They are very troubling. With the uncertain and indeed desparate economic conditions Washington has created for our nation, and the hunger of so many to find a "leader," a deliverer, and the promises he's made without any details on how they will be met... The stage is set in the United States for such a "Messiah" to arise. By the time he arrives in office, our economy will be virtually nationalized, most of our financial system Socialized.

The old and very accurate addage is "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Barack Obama may just be naive, putty in the hands of malevolent handlers. Or, he may be the one running the whole show. But all signs point to his election on November 4th -- Acorn is doing yeoman's work for him, having flooded the system with fraudulent ballots in a dozen states. He's from Chicago -- he got it honest.

The question: If Obama IS elected, what will the people of "flyover country" do? As mad as the Liberals were over a 2000 Bush victory, imagine the rage when in 2008 Barack Obama is empowered not only by winning the Presidency, but also by likely gaining a veto-proof Congressional majority? Do we really want one who is worshipped as "Messiah" to have that kind of power in our nation?

That's beyond dangerous. That's tempting fate in an almost too tantalizing way for fate to resist...


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