Friday, October 24, 2008

The First 100 Days.... Obama's Agenda Should He Be Elected...

Men like Barack Obama don't do things without planning ahead. He is a "community organizer" after all. BHO has been working on becoming President perhaps longer than Bill Clinton did. He's read Marx, he's studied FDR, he's listened to Wright and Farrakhan for 20 years. IF he's elected, he won't enter office clueless. He will, of necessity, have to strike while the iron's hot. He'll have to accomplish much before anyone "important" catches on and starts to raise the alarm. He'll have a plan -- something like the one below:

First, rescind ALL laws and regulations restricting the abortion industry -- because he promised to do so as his first executive order.

Second, propose and have Congress pass the "Fairness Doctrine." Bye-bye Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Conservative talk radio, and even The O'Reilly Factor and other news commentator shows.

Third, pass sweeping regulations, fees, fines and taxes on the internet, including empowering the FCC to begin "monitoring" websites for "hate speech," and leveling fines and injunctions on posters and webhosts for "offensive" posts and comments.

Fourth, begin introducing anti-gun legislation meant to gut the 2nd Amendment bit by bit -- including "assualt weapons bans," "military ammunition bans," "weapons and ammunitions taxes," mandatory weapons registration with the government, manditory limits on weapons purchases (no more than 1 a month -- 14 day waiting period), overrule and declare illegal all concealed carry laws and permits, mandatory confiscation of firearms from criminals, including those fined or cited for "hate speech"...The ultimate goal, to ban all weapons within the term -- or terms -- of an Obama administration.

Fifth, "nationalize" 401K's, converting them to the Social Security system, offering a gauranteed 3% return on funds to all retirees (401K funds's will no longer "belong" to the individual, but will be owned by the Government and used to prop up ailing Social Security program now -- don't WORRY about the future).

Introduce socialized medicine plan -- single payer, government-run. Urge Congress to force this -- and all the previous components -- through within the first 100 days.

Increase taxes. All taxes. Payroll. FICA. Income. Everything.

And, if there is still time, have Congress introduce legisation to rescind the "Defense of Marriage Act," making the legalization of "Gay Marriage" by states binding on all other states via the "interstate commerce clause" of the Constitution as it is interpreted by liberal, activist judges. This can certainly be passed in the second 100 days. This will inevitably lead to the challenge of discriminatory religious practices among traditional churches, which will lead to lawsuits, criminal cases and regulatory fines over the next 4-8 years, depriving churches of tax-exempt status if they violate the "human rights" of homosexuals.

If worse comes to worst, and there is "civil unrest" or active resistance (American sheep are too fat and lazy for that, right?), or should there be a major terroist incident -- we'll just declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and stay in power "until we fix the problem."


I'm just speculating out loud....


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