Thursday, March 08, 2012

Why I Haven't Written a Book About Bible Prophecy

Some have asked me in recent months why I don't write a book.  Several have suggested a book about current events of various kinds, from a Christian perspective.  Others have asked if I'd thought about writing about my past experiences, trials and troubles when I parted ways with a Christian denomination in which I served for almost 17 years.  I'm keen to write -- and actually finish -- one or more of the novels I've started over the years!  Still others have encouraged me to write about bible prophecy and eschatology, seeing the signs of the times and the days in which we live.

First, I'd love to write a book -- and finish it.  In fact, I have in the past -- years ago.  An expositional commentary on Daniel.  Out of print now.  I self published at the time, and I wouldn't dream of re-publishing without an extensive re-write.  But, I did it.

Second, the biggest thing I lack is time.  I am currently teaching at two different colleges, and I am working on completing another Master's degree, this one in History.  I MAY (it is by no means a certainly) go on and complete a doctorate after that.  Much of my time is tied up, then, in reading, research, and so forth having to do with either teaching my classes or taking a class.  It leaves me little time to do more than just pop up on Facebook and fire a parting shot on a given news story or article that catches my eye.  Even so, I still jot some thoughts, a scene, a page or two down toward an eventual "book."

There are several reasons that give me pause with regard in particularly about writing a book on the subject of bible prophecy.  First, well, it's pretty much all been said. By saying, "it's all been said," I mean that the market is saturated with books by ministers and Christian scholars and sensationalist preachers all chipping in their opinions about what this scripture means or what the interpretation of that passage is.  And those who hold to my particular view of prophecy in general have written their views, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Additionally, I don't seek to sensationalize the details of prophecy.  The nature of the future is fantastic enough without undue speculation or sensationalism.   Yet, in our day, people seem to look for the sensational.  It just seems if there isn't a heap of sensation and speculation, its just not bible prophecy.
But that's not the point of what God is doing in the future, and looking at prophecy is not about our interpretations and how they relate to current events so much as it is the glory of God and how HE is involved in bringing about His program on earth and in the entire universe.

Finally, the view I hold has fallen out of favor over the last couple of decades.  Most Christian Scholars regard it as uneducated nonsense or even heresy.  Most secular scholars look at it as outright religious superstition and the rantings of crazy people.....Come to think of it, many of the Christian scholars agree with THEM.  So for this and other reasons, my views simply aren't prominent, and won't appeal to most people.

I'll say a bit more about the view I take in the next post.  This will at least explain where I'm coming from -- and why I don't think it's the time to write a book about bible prophecy and eschatology.  My reasons might make a little more sense then.  Blessings......

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