Friday, February 24, 2012

We Have Tolerated Afghanistan and Muslims Long Enough

So, the US Army inadvertently burned some Q’uran’s in Afghanistan.  This, of course, has led to days of protests, riots and violence among the natives there, and was also the reason that two of our soldiers were shot – in the back – and killed by a member of the Afghan army.    An army, I might add, that we have trained and protected, equipped and fed for a decade.  And still, our commanding General, globalist lapdog that he is, runs right out there and kneels before the inflamed Muslim street and apologizes.

Fine.  Okay.  That’s the way that want it.  Big surprise.

I for one am sick and tired of placating these inhuman monsters over their "holy book" and their "prophet" and their "religion" and their perceptions and sensitivities.  Hey – here’s some news to the Muslims in the world from REAL Americans, not the son of a Muslim in the White House. 

You are NOT in charge.

We will NOT bow to you – or to your moon god; and we don’t care if the apologizer-in-chief does so or not.

We are DONE with your ungratefulness.  We’ve given you billions, trained you, protected you, kept you safe from fanatics even crazier than the majority, and we get no thanks.   The reality is, you hate us even more.  You shoot us in the back, curse us, resent us, and swear Jihad against us even more vehemently.

Of course, it’s a fact that you didn’t ask us for our help.  We, in our benevolent and humanitarian arrogance decided we would “help” you.  We would “rescue” you from your medieval cultural backwardness and tribal hatreds.  We decided to “spare you” from the great evil of the Taliban and al-Queda who hid in your midst.  Surely, we thought, the majority of Afghans can’t believe in nor support what these two groups have done?   9/11, 7/7, terror attacks that have killed thousands – no!  The Afghans, whom we aided to overthrow the Soviet invaders 25 years ago, couldn’t possibly want these people among them.
A decade later, a trillion dollars thrown down that rat-hole, and the Afghans are still shooting our soldiers in the back over a few pages of ink on paper.  There is no escape for them from their unenlightened, backward, hate-filled religio-ideology. 

How about this?

When Muslims apologize for intentionally confiscating ALL Christian’s Bibles as they enter a Muslim Country and destroying them, THEN we will apologize for accidentally destroying a few Q’urans.
When Muslims apologize for all the Christian Churches they have burned down across the Middle East (and the world), we will CONSIDER not bombing the crap out of every Mosque and Madrassah where Jihadists shoot at our soldiers and hide their weapons and munitions believing the Americans would NEVER “desecrate” their “holy place.”

When Muslims can’t even handle editorial cartoons about their “prophet” and kill people due to what they draw or right, how do they expect to be accepted as a part of the civilized world?  Truth is, they DON’T.  Of course, they are accepted by the son of the Kenyan national – a Muslim, by the way (the Kenyan national I mean) – and his followers, but they are NOT accepted by those who understand and uphold the foundations and principles of Western Civilization.  To receive Muslims as civilized nations is to take a serpent into the bosom of the international community.  It would be the certain death of Western Civilization. 

Correction – it IS the death of Western Civilization.  We are surely dying the death of a serpents strike, and it’s not even by a direct or solid bite.  We’re just being bled, the poison slowly working its way through out our system. 

Afghan President Hamid Karzai will never apologize for the killing of our soldiers, though he insists on our apology for the inadvertent burning of a few Q’uran’s.  He will talk big, rail against us, snuggle up to the Taliban leadership hiding in Pakistan – and surreptitiously supported by extreme elements of the Pakistani Government – and wait until we leave.  Then he will become just another enemy, another massive waste of US Taxpayers money.

What could have been done right has been done wrong. 

In the initial days after 9/11, many in the world feared that President George W. Bush would nuke the nation or nations found to have harbored and supported the terrorists that carried out those devastating attacks.  It was rumored that this was the first “gut reaction” Bush had regarding what to do to those behind the attacks.  Looking back, hindsight is 20/20.

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