Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Governor Sarah Palin: “Hello, Governor Jindal? I hope you’re doing good today.”

Governor Bobby Jindal: “Hello Governor Palin! I appreciate your call! I’m so sorry you and Senator McCain didn’t pull it out last night.”

Palin: “Well thank you Bobby – may I call you Bobby?”

Jindal: “Of course, Governor.”

Palin: “No. Sarah, please. Yes, we worked hard. I was honored to stand beside Senator McCain, but the tide was going against us this time around.”

Jindal: “I agree. It would have been difficult no matter who the nominee.”

Palin: “And that’s the reason I called. Bobby, we both know that the next four years will be tough. As charismatic as Barack Obama is, he’s just as much a Socialist. We, as Republicans, as Conservatives, have to think about the future.”

Jindal: “I agree Ma’am.”

Palin: “Sarah, please. The reason I’m calling may seem a little mercenary, but I want you to think about something.”

Jindal: “Alright Sarah. What do you have in mind?”

Palin: “In four years, the United States will have had enough Socialism, at least as things are now. I don’t imagine higher taxes, weak foreign policy and redistribution of wealth will go over for long with all the “Joe the Plumber’s.”

Jindal: “Not when they figure it all out. Not at all.”

Palin: “I want to run this by you, just to keep in mind. In four years, the Republican Party is going to need new faces. They will need new ideas, fresh blood. But they will also need leaders who are tied to the Reagan principles that made our party succeed in the past. To sort of translate those principles into a vision of the future.”

Jindal: “I think you’re right Sarah. Without new faces, even the message of Conservatism won’t fly. Not in this environment.”

Palin: “I didn’t expect to be put in the national spotlight this election. I was happy being the governor of Alaska. But I also think I was put in this position for a reason. I hope you don’t take that wrongly.”

Jindal: “Not at all Sarah. I would agree. There’s no question you helped the McCain ticket.”

Palin: “Well, thank you. I hope that, in four years, you and I are well into our second terms as governor’s of our states, and that we’ve done good jobs in taking care of our state’s business – like the way your handled the hurricanes earlier this year. Have you all recovered?”

Jindal: “We’re getting there. We really had a mess, but it wasn’t like Katrina, and I think we were better organized.”

Palin: “There’s no question you handled it more than competently.”

Jindal: “Again, thank you Sarah.”

Palin: “You’re welcome. Well, as I was saying, I’m on the national stage now, and I want to use that to do what’s best for the country. I believe in four years that may mean I seek the Republican nomination. I don’t want to be presumptuous, because I know you must be considering a run too, but--.”

Jindal: Well, the thought had occurred to me, but I haven’t given it any serious consideration yet.”

Palin: “Well, I respect your position, and if you decided to run, I’d understand. But, I just want to throw this out to you. If I decide to run, I’d like you to consider the possibility of supporting me – maybe even being my running mate.”

Jindal: “Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know what to say.”

Palin: “Well, I suppose you could cuss me out. I just ran on a losing ticket and you have as much experience as I do.”

Jindal: “Oh no. It is an honor. It’s something to think about. I just don’t know what will happen between now and then.”

Palin: “You’re right. I’m not asking for any kind of promise, I just wanted you to give it some thought. I believe that as honorable as the others who ran for president are, and as much service as they’ve rendered, that they are the faces of yesterday. I respect Governor Romney, Mayor Guiliani, Senator Thompson, Representative Hunter. They all have a role to play, but the future belongs to a new generation.”

Jindal: “I agree with you on that Sarah. The message and the faces of the Republican Party have to be new and to look forward.”

Palin: “Good. I hope that, if things went somewhat as I’ve mentioned, that I could win and then support my Vice President for two terms as well. I know it’s too early to plan, but the future belongs to those who think ahead.”

Jindal: “No argument there Sarah.”

Palin: “Bobby, whatever you decide, I hope you’ll give it some thought. I believe we’d make a formidable team. Maybe we could reintroduce Conservatism to a new generation.”

Jindal: “We absolutely have to do that. I agree.”

Palin: “Well, if you decide to run, or to support someone else, I respect you and your leadership abilities. I hope we will be working together in some way in the future.”

Jindal: “Oh I don’t doubt for a second that we will, Sarah.”

Palin: “Okay. Thanks for taking my call Bobby. I appreciate your hearing me out, and I look forward to talking to you in the future.”

Jindal: “I appreciate the call Sarah. I’ll look forward to talking with you again too. In the meantime, you and Todd and the children take a break! You’ve earned it, enjoy some rest.”

Palin: “Oh we will. I wish you and your family well. Talk to you soon.”

Jindal: “Thanks Governor Palin. Good-bye.”

Palin: “It’s just Sarah, Bobby. And thanks again. Bye-bye.”

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