Monday, January 08, 2007

The Next Nuclear War

Many have been sounding the alarm in recent years that radical Islamofascists are close to obtaining nuclear weapons. Of course, the fear is that they would them use them – most probably against their most hated enemies, Israel or America.

There are any number of scenarios that could potentially set this chain of events off. For instance, a coup d’etat in Pakistan could remove the current regime and restore those elements who helped put the Taliban in power in neighboring Afghanistan. This is hardly far-fetched, as there have been numerous attempts on the life of Pakistani President Musharif. Should it occur, not only would India have reason to fear its ancient enemies, but Israel would also have reason for trepidation. Pakistan has dozens of nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them to India and Israel.

Another scenario, even more likely in the current climate, is that North Korea launches a desperate invasion into South Korea – a last ditch effort to secure its survival. This would inevitably lead to, or begin with, nuclear strikes against Japan, or the Philippines, or other areas of United States military interests. Perhaps even Hawaii is vulnerable now, and the West Coast will be in short order.

A bit less likely is the possibility that the remnants of Saddam’s research and arsenal – which many believe to have been secreted away to Syria – will be used in Lebanon, or perhaps against Israel in renewed conflict with Hezbollah. That could easily draw Iran into direct war with Israel. That is decidedly NOT unlikely.

The most plausible and unfortunately likely scenario is that Iran succeeds in developing its own nuclear arsenal. At most, that’s only 2-3 years away. It could happen by spring. The United Nations is impotent (and unwilling) to prevent it. The United States, with its newly minted Democratic Congressional majority has no stomach for military adventures, instead choosing preemptive surrender and ignominious defeat. All in the name of diplomacy and peace, of course.

I wouldn’t expect, however, that Iran will be the first to actually launch a nuclear strike on its enemies. Oh, it’s certainly possible. They would if they got half a chance. But I’m willing to bet it won’t come to that. Not to begin with anyway.

My bet? Israel takes out Iran’s nuke program before they have a chance to use their weapons. The only way they could do that would be to use tactical nukes of their own. And the nature of that kind of an attack would be extensive. And it would take help. Help that only the United States could offer.

Reports from Israel, denied by officials of course, have already said that the IDF Air Force is practicing such an attack. United States officials deny aiding them, but they cannot deny sharing important and sensitive intelligence that would be imperative to such a mission. And in this case, the Congress could not stop the President from helping our allies in Israel. At least, not BEFORE such a mission is launched. They might find reasons to impeach him following such a mission.

Still, Israel isn’t worried about the politics of the situation. They don’t care about the ramifications as much as they do about doing nothing. Should Iran develop nukes, their fate is sealed. Should Israel preemptively knock out Iran’s nukes, at least they stand a fighting chance against the combined armies of the Islamofascist states. They’ve defeated those armies and air forces four or five times before. Times may have changed, but Israel’s resolve to survive, when their backs are literally up against a wall, should not be shrugged off.

The most dangerous result of this next nuclear war scenario is that, as a result of Israel’s “aggression,” the powers that be in the United States, will seek to cut ties. Perhaps the President is impeached, or in 2008 the Democrats capture the White House. Maybe a coalition forms that disowns the ‘troublesome ally’ and deems them a nuisance. It certainly is possible. Anti-Semitism is growing not only around the world or in Europe, but right here in America.

In that case, I don’t fear so much for Israel as I do for America. Those who oppose and seek the destruction of Israel will not face just political consequences. There are profound, spiritual and eternal consequences. Those who bless you I will bless; Those who curse you I will curse…(Genesis 12:1-3).

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