Thursday, March 02, 2006

Islamofascism vs. Communism: Our Enemies in Different Wars

Today as I listened to a radio talk show today, the host was comparing the Cold War to the current War on Terror. It struck me as he was talking what the main differences in our enemies were then, and now.

Soviet Communism saw the defeat and destruction of the West as an ideological and political goal. While they would have seen losses -- even large losses -- on their part as necessary, they believed they could achieve their goal, eventually, and rushing it would have demanded too high a price for them to pay. The good news is that their efforts to destroy us failed. We can only hope that Chinese and Latin American Communism fail as well.

Islamofascism on the other hand, does not view the defeat of the West as merely and ideological or political goal -- they see it as a MORAL IMPERATIVE. Simply put, if and when they gain the use of weapons of mass destruction, they will not hesitate to use them to destroy their enemies -- the West. It is a moral imperative, a command of Allah. The price to be paid is not something they worry themselves about. That's Allah's problem -- and ours.

The West had better understand this mentality -- before it's too late to prevent the implementation of their "imperative."

J. Dale Weaver, M. Div.

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