Sunday, February 26, 2006

Imperfect Understanding

Just time for a thought during these busy days...

Is it possible that there are disciples -- true followers of Jesus Christ -- who have some doctrinal "fallacies" that would get them labelled heretics, but that they are still "saved?"

If this is not true, what of the saints in the early and medieval church? Augustine himself had deeply flawed theological views regarding the structure and authority of the church, the papacy, human sexuality and eschatology. Yet, he is highly regarded as among the greatest theologian in church history.

Today, many hold doctrines outside the "orthodox" understanding of the essentials of faith -- or at least orthodox interpretations of key beliefs. What of them?

I suppose we should ask, how wide is God's grace? Certainly the line is drawn somewhere -- but we don't have the crayon, and it's not our line to draw.

The main reason I am writing this is not to say whether we should "receive" or "reject" those who hold suspect tenets of faith. I am merely asking everyone to consider the implications of receiving and rejecting, and then consider "what would Jesus do?"

The trite "He would love them" is true -- but doesn't answer the question entirely. Think about it...I certainly am.

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