Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Formations - End Note

The previous five entries entitled "Formations" are from a forthcoming memoir of my spiritual journey. My travels have allowed me to witness the great strengths and fatal flaws of "Fundamentalism," the missionary achievements and egregious errors of "Evangelicalism," and the foolish denial of faith in theological "liberalism" or "Modernism," that largely make up 21st century "Christian Protestantism."

These observations are not mere conjecture. I gleaned what I wrote here (and more) from personal experiences, denominational politics, Biblical Principles and just plain observation of the world around me and the people who populate it. By God's grace, I've managed to keep my faith. That's the most amazing aspect of my story.... I'm making it so far, and I know He'll see me home -- despite whatever the Enemy can throw at me.

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