Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please, Liberals, Keep Talking...

Just like this from Matt Damon:

Matt, you are awesome as Jason Bourne. When not on the set, you should just shut up. But between now and November 4th, PLEASE keep talking! ... re=related

Barack Obama may not have meant his comment about Governor Sarah Palin. BUT, the crowd certainly thought they knew what he meant. Which indicates his absolute lack of judgment...

Apparently Representative Steve Cohen (Democrat - Tennessee) has become a theologian! Just 17 seconds -- ya gotta see this one!

Don't ya love it!? On the FLOOR of the House of Representatives no less!

We just LOVE the Fowler's here in South Carolina! A prominent Democrat family, they supply us with no end of little verbal gems! Like this one!


Can't hear it? Here's a cleaner version:


Yeah, gotta LOVE them Fowler's! Honest Democrats!

THEN, we have Carol Fowler, Democrat Party Chair for SC -- and WIFE of godd ole' boy DON, saying this:

If I can actually find the audio or video of Carol's statement, I'll post it. There are numerous affirmations of it's accuracy, and just as many liberals falling all over themselves to apologize -- like a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign and another big named Democrat from here in SC, Dick Harpootlian:

Senator Joe Biden is so shaken by what's happened in the campaign over the last week or so that he's decided there may be a better VP candidate for Barack:

Ah, yes. And this is just from the past few days! PLEASE, liberals, keep talking like this! Keep it up and the Wellstone Memorial a few years ago will pale in comparison!


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