Friday, January 18, 2008

Changing My Endorsement -- Fred '08!

It is the eve of the Republican Primary here in SC. Several weeks ago, I "endorsed" Duncan Hunter as the candidate I would support and vote for. I finally heard from Duncan Hunter the first time yesterday, during the Rush Limbaugh show, on WVOC-AM radio. Good ad. Ran half a dozen times yesterday and today. So far as I know, Congressman Hunter hasn't appeared personally in this state in at least the last few weeks.

I can only surmise that Hunter is staying in the race to champion the cause of the border fence and ending the illegal immigration problem. For that, I am grateful. After NH, it was thought that he would withdraw from the race -- but at his news conference he refused to end his bid. Yet, he did virtually no campaigning here, evidently none in Nevada, and only very limited appearances in Michigan.

For those reasons, and though I am loathe to change my endorsement, I must support a candidate whose positions are most compatible with mine, and with a viable chance of winning the nomination. Because of his recent excellent performances in the debates in SC, and because he is clearly the candidate that most closely resembles the principles, policies and positions of Conservatism championed by Ronald Reagan, I am endorsing Fred Thompson for nomination of the Republican Party to run for President of the United States.

Thompson has surged here quickly in SC, and I only hope it's enough to bring him victory. I also hope he will go on into Florida and then Super Tuesday, when 22 states will vote, riding a wave of victory. I believe he is the best hope for Republican (and more importantly, Conservative) victory at this point. A Guiliani nomination would gaurantee the death of Conservatism, and a McCain or Huckabee nomination would shatter the Reagan coalition, already strained and torn by Republican failures to live up to its promises and principles since at least 1996.

Please pray for our nation -- we need Jesus over and above all else!

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