Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Imus, Idiocy, and the End of Free Speech

Welcome to the witch hunt.

Imus was stupid. What he said was offensive. His advertisers have every right to end their contracts. His networks can even cut him, if they like.
When it becomes something driven by an agenda — political correctness, government control, etc — it takes on a dark, McCarthy-esque quality.

No, that’s not fair. McCarthy was actually investigating a REAL threat — Communist subversion in government and culture. The Imus thing — and the “lists” being drawn up now entitled “who’s next?” are over PERCEPTION — WORDS.

The cornerstone of our Constitution is FREE SPEECH. Of course their are limits, when words DIRECTLY endager lives. But when we are told to “shut up” or MADE to “shut up” because we hurt someone’s feelings, offend their sensibilities.... That’s a violation of our first amendment rights.

Imus is an idiot — but he is just a pawn in the hands of the “politically correct” thought — and speech police. And it’s getting dangerous — not only to our freedoms, but to the eventual survival of our nation as we know it.

(Originally published on thread at 4/12/2007)

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