Monday, January 23, 2006

The Spirit of Treason

I don't have to write a long blog on the issue of treason among some here in the United States during a time of war. People like Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Patrick Leahy, John Murtha, Howard Dean, Al Gore and other Democrats in elective office make that case for me perfectly.

During a time of war, to advocate "withdrawal" from the field of battle against an enemy who is bent on our destruction is not merely surrender, it is suicide. To deny the President his constitutional duty and responsibility to gather intelligence about the enemy is aiding and abetting our enemies. Declaring that the President has "betrayed" this country while at the same time advocating betrayal by badmouthing our troops and accusing them of the same war crimes that our enemies boldly commit is beyond the pail. To accuse our soldiers and intelligence officers in time of war of "torture" without any evidence -- but with certain knowledge that our enemies do torture and worse -- is inconceivable to loyal, patriotic Americans... But not to these traitors.

No, these fools are not motivated by patriotism or some noble concern for the preservation of liberty and the constitution. They are motivated only by their lust for their own power. Their "crimes" may not meet muster to be charged for treason by the letter of the law, but they are certainly in the spirit of treason. And these people should be treated as the Benedict Arnolds they are.

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